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Internet Data Services, VOIP, MPLS, Layer 2.5?, SaaS, Cloud Computing, Gig E, Qos, Mobility - sounds confusing and complicated! With all the advances in telecommunication or Telecom and computing it should be easier, and yet most businesses have a hard time figuring out their current Phone/Telecom Bill, let alone have in-house expertise to analyze if one of the “New Cutting Edge Technologies” would reduce costs, make the business process more efficient, increase reliability, create a security risk or provide resiliency to your data infrastructure - take a breath, Spohn’s Telecom Solutions and Consulting Services can help no matter how much or how little you know.

Purchase your next bandwidth, network, voice, data or other telecom solution with Spohn as part of the project and gain a wealth of telecommunications engineering, pricing, project management and expense management resources to take work off your IT staff at no additional cost.

Internet Data Services

Always changing: Speed, Platform, Performance, Content and one wrong step can destroy your reputation or at the very least; keep you one or two steps behind your competition. Spohn can help make sure you have a viable, relevant and reliable web presence.

MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) Networking Solutions

“The Future Now” with MPLS Telecom Networking Solutions…or so we are told. This is a fast and very reliable technology or tool using a new feature “fast rerouting” yet uses the same (DiffServ) architecture defined for IP QoS. Let our team of experts determine if this is the correct solution if so; select the best provider for your real time data applications needs.

VoIP and Data Solutions

Probably the most profound and cost effective change you will ever make for your business, but could potentially be the most devastating and costly investment if not engineered correctly or with a Telecom provider that does not understand all of your business’ voice and DATA requirements. We understand what it takes to make VOIP a dream come true, instead of a nightmare.
Cloud Computing/Hosted Solutions – “The Cloud” or cloud computing is not new; many businesses have had Web Sites hosted for years. The change is the availability of online storage, mail services, applications and even network infrastructure as services and with each of those distinct services, low cost providers of these services by the hundreds. Spohn knows “The Cloud” and can help you get where you need to be.

Telecom Security

Spohn Solutions has a team of telecommunications security professionals that can assess your business's network security from the SIP Server or H323 Gateway to the SQL Server housing the data from your e-commerce site. Let’s discuss an industry standards base or customized Enterprise Security Assessment to give you peace of mind that only comes from KNOWING you are secure.

Mobile Computing/Mobility

Network access and remote access when no wired connection exists, 3G data roaming in over 100 counties, Access to 100K plus mobile enterprise applications – Team up with Spohn where we can help you select the best Mobility solution for your business and telecom needs.

Local and LD Service Solutions

Business success, regardless of industry requires reliable, cost effective solutions that enable you to reliably reach your customer and your customers you. At Spohn, we integrate local and long distance services with cutting edge telecommunications solutions like VoIP, and Cloud services to give your business a distinct edge at the best possible price.

Telecom Expense Management Services

Get a one-time assessment of part or all of your telecommunications expenses to get a top down view of how you are spending your money and determine where to go from here. You can get expense assessment monthly through Stewardship services or as a free one-time event as part of an individual service purchase.

Telecom Management Practices and Services

Get a one-time assessment of your data network performance to determine over and under utilization, configuration problems and chart a course for cost containment and performance enhancements.

There are, literally, hundreds of carriers claiming to have the least cost solution that is just perfect for your business. Health Care, Government, Retail, Education, Financial and Banking all require a unique solution to meet regulatory requirements as well as customer needs and expectations. Let our team of telecommunications experts filter out the hype and buzz words to delver what you really need – a Telecom Solution that works and YOU understand. Call us at 512.685.1000.

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