What is MPLS??? The solution to the biggest challenges facing today’s IT professional; the effective and efficient delivery of Voice, Video and Data Services to your customers or users without impacting their ability to surf the Internet or access files across the WAN. They expect superior voice quality on the “land line” even though it is now IP. They expect to be able to pass video anywhere on the network with no impact – works on their 3 and 4G mobile devices, the boss wants you to reduce expenses and expand your presence …You need a reliable, affordable and scalable tool – enter MPLS networks.

What is MPLS to the end user or customer? Why bother with MPLS Networks – it’s just a marketing tool resell the old crap in a new package? To you – the service provider’s customer, MPLS is simple. Add few lines in your routers or layer 3 switches and you are on MPLS and saving money by replacing meshed and partially meshed WAN technologies like Frame Relay (raw reoccurring circuit costs). MPLS significantly reduces you network complexity by reducing the number of circuits or networks required to get packets from point A to point B, fewer networks…smaller routing table, easier to trouble shoot networks and we hate to say it, but a smaller staff.

What is MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching)?? MPLS is a technique or tool that can and is frequently used to deliver services like Metro Ethernet (Gig E) or IP VPNs over protocols like ATM or HDSL or even cable, replacing network strategies like Frame Relay and multiple interconnected hub and spoke wheels. This makes MPLS interoperable with the newest to the oldest Telecom Switches available today while using the same (DiffServ) architecture defined for IP QoS for prioritizing the movement if data traffic , utilizing “Experimental Bits” in the label switching packets. In English – it is a tool that enables integration of Voice, Data and Video each correctly prioritized among many sites virtually anywhere is world with built it path redundancy. Multi-Protocol Label Switching is a reliable, fault tolerant with very fast recovery times. This protocol has a built in feature called fast rerouting; very important with real time data applications, where even 500 milliseconds of network delay can spell disaster. A MPLS network enables your organization to benefit from reliable connectivity and a fast, fault tolerant network, handling virtually any type of traffic or QOS requirement.

Many of our competitors have built their own “Branded MPLS Networking Solution” based on MPLS capitolizinf on the flexibility it affords, and pass the additional overhead onto you – Not Spohn!

We take your business needs, business critical applications along with physical locations and compare that with all the services provided by our carrier partners to make sure you get the most cost effective cutting edge network solution. Our consultants and project management team then coordinate the provisioning and delivery process with our partners to insure smooth on-time delivery of your custom MPLS Networking Solution.

Now that you have an idea “What MPLS is” Call today and speak with one of our consultants to see how a coordinated solution compares to that of the “Branded Solutions” provided by other companies. We think you will like and appreciate our approach. And if you want a detailed, ones and zeros, explanation of “What MPLS is” from Carrier to User, one of our engineers would be happy explain in as much or little detail as you would like.

We provide MPLS Network solutions throughout the lower 48 states from New Jersey to Tampa, Florida to Austin, Texas to Los Angles, Ca as well as Alaska and Hawaii – a can team deploy within 48 hours if necessary and as always, whiteboard and teleconference options are available.

We provide custom solutions to everyone from Fortune 500 companies to rural hospitals.


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