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Voice over Internet Protocol is one of the most profound and cost effective changes you can make for your business, it could also potentially be the most devastating and costly if not engineered correctly or with a carrier that doesn’t understand your business needs.

Business VoIP is a mainstream technology these days, an almost must have for a new company, but a potential integration and migration nightmare for those companies switching from a more traditional model.  The skill sets required to manage the migration to a Business VoIP or VoIP and Data Network can be extensive. VoIP service can replicate existing implementations or provide vast new integration capabilities.

VoIP Requirements

Business VoIP Networking requires an understanding of QOS, limitations and boundaries; It requires an understanding of how certain codecs – compression decompression algorithms – respond to latency, packet loss, deviation and frequency of deviation changes.  Some codecs actually take up more bandwidth call per call than a traditional POTS telephone call. Once the provider or engineer understands all of that, they need to understand what impact changes made for VoIP packets will affect other time sensitive data like video conferencing or simply supporting the mirroring of two critical databases. Business VoIP does have signification on business critical assets traditional Business Telco networks could ignore.

Spohn is proud of the relationships we have with our providers. These carriers are capable of delivering some of the most advanced and reliable VoIP services in the world. These services have reached a level of reliability and quality that exceeds those available in the now obsolete analog systems.

Business VoIP Pricing

Business Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is significantly less expensive than traditional long distance and international calls and most carriers are transporting these same voice calls on there own VoIP circuits, so there is no voice quality loss compared to a traditional TELCO trunk.

The integration of voice, video and other data streams has made new approaches possible, empowering companies everywhere to leverage this technology to save time, money, resources… Not using VoIP to make your business more productive and reduce overhead means that you are surrendering your edge to your competition.

Integrated Voice and High Speed Internet Delivery

Delivery of Integrated Business Voice and High Speed Internet solutions is as diverse as the companies providing the solutions and the customers using those solution to win customers.  Some VoIP Network solutions are completely “Cloud Service” based with the only the physical equipment being a phone or USB device; others are complete IP phones switches or call managers with dedicated redundant long distance (LD) VoIP trunks from diverse carriers. The array of options even often extends to purchasing voice over IP services as part of a data bundle.

Contact our Austin, Texas based Telecom Consultants and VoIP Engineers. Let our Voice Over IP experience make a difference in your VoIP and Integrated High Speed Internet decision making process.  Engage us to do a complete analysts of your business needs and wants; lets work together in selecting the features you need and will use on a regular basis. With this approach our VoIP Business consultants and engineers have created hard target checklists that evolved into an action plans that result in on-time delivery of VoIP products and services time after time.  Let Spohn Consulting make VoIP a valuable tool to your business, not a necessary evil.


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