An Enterprise Network Security Audit is a comprehensive analysis of your network security against known and suspected security threats. Unfortunately, dedicating internal personnel to identifying weaknesses and improving security measures puts a strain on departmental resources and may delay priority projects.

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The following are a few of the services an Enterprise Security Assessment (ESA) performs:

  • External vulnerability and internal vulnerability assessments
  • Check IT inventory controls
  • Assessment of firewall, router, telecom components and virus scanner
  • Operations security assessment
  • Review of procedures for system and log monitoring
  • Review of administrative policies and procedures
  • Physical security audit including lights, cameras, guards, fences
  • Assess security management system
  • Review organizational agreements
  • Review of BCDR plan


An Enterprise Security Risk Assessment provides the following features:

  • Tailorable checklist of security controls for assessment
  • Checklist of  best practice network security controls
  • Control check includes physical, technical, administrative, policies, plans, and procedures
  • Onsite and remote assessment vendor-neutral recommendations for remediation
  • 34 major validation tasks performed
  • In-depth technical report documenting strengths and weaknesses with remediation recommendations.
  • High-level executive summary report
  • In-person, onsite presentation review and Q&A session of findings and recommendations
  • Database of technical data compiled and formatted for remediation work 3 volumes of documentation provided in print and a secure Online Storage Volume  in Microsoft® Word and XML format against the industry security standards and best practices

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In Detail: Our Enterprise Security Risk Assessment 

An audit will determine your company’s security risks and provides analysis and remedies. This provides you with an unbiased third party validation, an assessment of your security posture, and prioritization of your needs.


Our Risk Assessment employs experienced security engineers and proven tools and processes to validate physical, technical, organizational and administrative security controls, including policy, plans, and procedures.Whether motivated by the need to meet regulatory requirements ,or the desire to make better decisions to protect yourself, an Enterprise Risk Audit can be tailored to meet your needs.


Our Enterprise Security Audit has a predefined checklist of security controls to examine your entire security universe. Additional checklists include: NCUA, ISO/IEC 17799, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Sarbanes-Oxley, FFIEC, HIPAA, HITECH, Texas Medical Privacy Law or a custom checklist built to check your selected security controls.

The 4 Basic Parts to Our Audits:

  • Scanning: Scanning tools hunt for security holes in Internet-facing devices. Clients receive basic reports with raw data.
  • Perimeter Assessment: Security engineers assess potential vulnerabilities after a scan to find probable vulnerabilities, providing a detailed report, hacker methods, and remedy recommendations.
  • Penetration Test: Deploys known attack methods to exploit probable vulnerabilities, testing intrusion detection, and security monitoring systems
  • Ethical Hack: Exploits probable vulnerabilities in an attempt to capture an actual target based on client defined objectives

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