Mobility or Mobile Computing has transformed the way that companies conduct business – Business Mobility. Advances in communications systems technology and mobile smart devices enables of any size or market to dramatically improve the performance of their employees, initiate and manage cost controls  as well as reducing costs and streamlining  operations. Partnering with Spohn Solutions and our trained and knowledgeable staff will enable your business to select the best Business Mobility Solution.

Our  Consults  have access to a complete line of Mobile and Business Mobility applications that significantly improve the interactions between people, process and technology. By synchronizing  interactions minus the wire – you get new power!

  • Workflow automation
  • Workflow streamlining
  • Real-time  visibility of  vital information
  • Improve access to critical information
  • Faster business flow transactions
  • Improved reporting and management capabilities

On-demand scheduling; real time dispatching; asset tracking and asset monitoring; more secure, reliable access to company data and visibility into your operations; Business mobile applications can help transform your business models and move your workflow process into the 21st century – consider the following areas:

  • Field Service Automation – Give field-based employees the ability to work more productively through real-time access to work orders, part lists, and other critical information i.e. weather conditions; Better customer service with more efficient allocation of resources.
  • Fleet Management – Track vehicle locations, arrivals, and departures with real-time access to critical operational data i.e average speed and/fuel efficiency; Enhanced  efficiency:  control, insight, and accountability.
  • Sales Force Automation – Seamless communication with the back office gives your sales force time to focus on working directly with customers; Enhancing the companies profitability by accelerated sales cycles, reduced operating costs, and improved customer satisfaction.


Spohn’s Business Mobility Solutions, come with all the toys and features any business could want or need:

  •     A wide variety of Smartphones and mobile devices
  •     Personalized support for your Smartphones and applications
  •     Leading mobile broadband networks so you can talk and email/surf the web at   the same time
  •     Access to 100K Plus business mobile enterprise applications
  •     Wireless services reaching 97% of the U.S.
  •     Wireless voice and data coverage in more than 200 countries
  •     3G or 4G data roaming in over 100 countries

Spohn will work with you to provide your business with cutting edge mobility technology – iPhones® and handhelds to Smartphones and PDAs or iPads®.  With industry leading names such as Apple®, Android®, BlackBerry®, and Windows Mobile®  there is sure to  devices that will satisfy your distinct workforce requirements and still stay within the budget.

Team up with Spohn  where we can help you select the best Mobility solution for your business. Call us today and see what a difference having a Business Mobility Consultant in your corner can do for your business.

We provide custom solutions to everyone from Fortune 500 companies to rural hospitals.


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