Spohn Training Solutions

Spohn Training understands that your training needs are unique to your organization so we provide customized, personalized and specialized training solutions. Our curriculum development, delivery and evaluation team can produce a curriculum and results to match your needs and desired student results.

Spohn Telecom Consulting Services

Internet Data Services, VOIP, MPLS, Layer 2.5?, SaaS, Cloud Computing, Gig E, Qos, Mobility - sounds confusing and complicated! With all the advances in telecommunication or Telecom and computing it should be easier, and yet most businesses have a hard time figuring out their current Phone/Telecom Bill, let alone have in-house expertise to analyze if one of the "New Cutting Edge Technologies" would reduce costs, make the business process more efficient, increase reliability, create a security risk or provide resiliency to your data infrastructure - take a breath, Spohn's Telecom Solutions and Consulting Services can help no matter how much or how little you know.

We provide custom solutions to everyone from Fortune 500 companies to rural hospitals.


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