Enabling business solutions quickly with highly-experienced and certified engineers, programmers, and designers

Spohn Security Consulting

Spohn combines highly-experienced and skilled staff with a vendor neutral approach to deliver optimal solutions that meet customer needs for functionality, scalability, reliability, security and performance.

As “Business Technologists”, we match technology to the business solution needs and budgets of our customers. Our vendor-neutral recommendations are solely based on budget, performance and reliability, and not commissions or quotas. We transfer the knowledge of the network solution to your staff so you retain complete ownership. Every step of the process is measured against objectives to ensure your timelines are met.

Spohn Consulting, Inc. is unique in its approach to data network consulting, delivering measurable results, not long-term work contracts.

The Spohn Difference

Our business ethics set us apart from other consulting firms

We are a network engineering company and our solutions include vendor-neutral hardware, software and service provider recommendations based on solution design and budget requirements – not commissions or quotas. We will recommend best-of-breed products and services that offer long-term reliability and optimum performance.

We differentiate ourselves from other consulting companies in three distinct ways:

  1. We take a Business-Technologist approach to drive business-meaningful results to clients.
  2. We offer our customers the best business/technical talent in the industry - balancing a higher average cost with exponentially great results in a shorter period of time.
  3. Doing business on a satisfaction-only basis - which means no penalties for cancellation of contracts assuming we have a short time to remedy any problem that might have occurred. We value what the client wants, not just how long we can keep a contract billing.

We are teaching consultants

Teaching as much knowledge transfer as possible to the client during the consulting. This allows the client to understand the 'why's and how's' and better maintain the system after our work is done.

We are certified practitioners in the networking art

At Spohn we have more IP and Security experienced certified professionals on staff than many of our larger competitors. Certifications are not a measure of your results, but do demonstrate your staff's ability to certify to a specific level of knowledge.

We design the network around the client's business

Our solutions are vendor-independent and tailored per client, based on what the client needs, not just a 'canned' solution.

We take pride in our work and get satisfaction from a job well done

Our consultants are network professionals. Our core business is technology consulting, not financial consulting.