Government, Health Services, Banking/Insurance, Consulting or Retail – Business success has as strong correlation to the company’s ability to attract new customers and strategic partners.  High quality communication services –  local,  long distance, and increasingly international can significantly improve your company’s long term perspectives in attracting and maintaining customers and business partners.

Spohn’s Local and LD Solutions are flexible – we never limit our solutions by current market or customer base…your next customer might have 3 offices overseas.  The future can bring many challenges and opportunities; the flexibility and adaptability that are a trademark of a Spohn Solution accounts for these events giving our customers the competitive edge.

Sphon’s analysis and assessment of Local, LD and International Calling Solutions includes a number of factors prior to recommendation or endorsement:

Reliable Communications

Do you get dial tone every time the receiver goes off hood??  Every time the customer hears the phone ring – is it ringing on someone’s desk??  Is the call to your international customer consistently as clear as the call to your customer across town??  Does the carrier have a five 9’s network SLA?? What does the SLA apply to?? The most feature rich communications and voice solution that does not meet these basic requirements is a waste of both time and money. A reliable communications system tells your customers you are a professional organization with high standards. Spohn makes sure ONLY solutions from carriers with a spotless records and solid up time guarantees are presented.

Transparent Cost

Does it take a room full of lawyers and accounts to figure out what you actually paid for the privilege of connecting to your current carrier or how much you actually paid per minute talking to your sister office???  Can you even find the detailed information necessary for the lawyers and accountants to analyze???  Optimizing your telecom service relies on information, that is why we prefer providers that support you need for clear detailed billing and have a staff the telecom billing auditors to address billing questions and concerns.

Competitive Pricing

All companies have unique business needs and requirements – pricing needs to reflect this: permanent flat rate billing or a “Use or Lose” long distance trunk or may be a customized blends of fix and variable rates due to the dynamics of your customer base.  Spohn makes sure physical location of all your offices as well as the geographic diversity of  your customers base – this knowledge many allow for the leveraging of newer technologies like VoIP to further reduce you bottom line.

Custom Services

Custom Services can have a significant impact to your business workflow efficiency, resulting in a stronger bottom line.  If you have a high volume customer that would benefit from directly reaching a specific service group – why not a special block of DIDs (direct inward dial – telephone numbers) or a  unique 1-800 number or both??  Both are usually fairly inexpensive and could greatly improve customer satisfaction as well as customer support efficiency.  Spohn does not take shortcuts. We dig into your business processes trying every possible way to reduce costs and improve efficiency with the latest proven services and technology currently available.

Spohn Solutions never loses sight of the big picture integrating local, long distance, international calling with similar services like VoIP, Video, Conferencing and Internet Data Services. Our consultants are experts in making all the pieces of the puzzle  fit within a smooth, flexible and affordable Telecom Solution.  Give us a call.

We provide custom solutions to everyone from Fortune 500 companies to rural hospitals.


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