Always changing Speed, Platform, Performance, Content and one wrong step can destroy your reputation or at the very lease; keep you one or two steps behind your competition. Staying ahead of the competition – Government to Retail to Consulting Services – requires the strategic and cost effective use of the latest technological advances. The focus must always balance the two. Employing a technological solution, any solution for that matter just because it is the “Latest and/or Greatest” is a waste of money and time – but exactly what a Telecom Carrier or Co-location Provider wants you to do.

We are independent consultants and engineers aware of all the latest technological changes, the advantages, disadvantages and what may be the carrier or providers incentive to push you down one technology path verses another. Did you know that some protocols are more efficient with higher loads – you may be helping the carrier more than they are helping you!!!

Redefining the Business Network

The modern business data network is both flexible and adaptable; it does not require a centralized structure, but does not require de-centralization for efficiency or security.  The new business network makes use of many Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) like principals:  The networks is secure, it is capable of rapid, incremental expansion, it shifts among physical locations, recovers quickly and does it all while keeping the bottom line at the top of the page.

This new business data network requires the use of particular data transfer technology that, with the help of our partners, Spohn can deliver. There are a number of “Tunneling” technology, as used in VPN (Virtual Private Network) or VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network), that allows for a significant amount of flexibility, while the underlying encryption algorithms keep it virtually invisible to unwanted eyes.

The Tech Savvy customer

Your customers are more technology savvy, delivery to new platforms is rapidly evolving, especially in area of mobility; your web presence must reflect that or fall behind the competition that will package the message with edge technology in mind – iPhone®, iPad®, Android®, Windows Mobile®… Does your current co-location or hosting deal keep up with these new trends? There is no simple answer to these problems. You need a unique mix of features that gives your customers the look, feel and responsiveness they need while keeping security – identity theft and privacy concerns in mind.

Through our unique blend of partners – Spohn can offer almost anything and everything from basic hosting, co-location or rack space to more advanced features such as cloud storage or load balancing.

Spohn Solutions has all the required ingredients to make a viable, flexible and responsive web presence a reality. We assume that demand will go up hence: always find flexible solutions so you can deliver  on your customer’s expectations.

Delivery at "The Edge"

Not all networks and not all technologies are created equal; Not all networks and not all technologies are available everywhere – some are faster than others, some are available through this carrier here, but only through a different carrier over there. This is why we make a point of closely analyzing your business, your locations, and all available carriers so we can choose the fastest yet cost effective solution available. Ethernet in particular can give you a significant speed boost when used in certain geographical regions settings – combined with VLAN and VPN it makes WAN (Wide Area Network) or Metropolitan Ethernet more efficient, flexible and secure; Spohn leverages the technology to its very edge in order to ensure the best possible speed.

Speed Limits - No More!

Fiber Optic, Gig E, 3G and 4G mobile at Spohn we also pride ourselves on delivering, through our partners, the latest and best type of connection available. Not every business needs these speeds, or robust and lightning-fast connections, but in many cases the difference in price between the old “Tx”,  Frame or Cable type technology and new cutting edge solutions is negligible or in fact less expensive in many cases.

We offer an impressive mix of technologies and a wide variety of carriers. Because we deal with these carriers every day our relationship with them ensures that you will always have access to a comprehensive solution using the most effective technologies at the lowest possible price.

We provide custom solutions to everyone from Fortune 500 companies to rural hospitals.


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