Technical and Sales Curriculum Details

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Sales, Coaching & Negotiating Training

SA-S – Indirect Selling – Telecommunications
SA-S – Indirect Selling – Channel Management
SA-S – Transactional Selling – CC/IB/OB
SA-S – Advanced Transactional Selling
SA-S – Acquisition Sales/Direct Sales
SA-S – Value Selling
SA-S – Vision Selling
SA-S – Vision Selling – CEO Perspectives
Sales/Product Authorization
Acquisition Strategies & Tactics
Coaching for Results
Negotiating for Advantage & Managing Conflict
Selling Wireless and Mobility Solutions
Business Acumen for the Sales Professional
Territory/Channel Management & Marketing Workshop
Business Process, Research & Positioning for Sales Professionals Curriculum
Beating the Carrier Competition

Technical, IT and Security Training

Data Network Design
Next Generation Networks
Data Networking – Blended Learning
Fiber-To-The-X Technical Sales/Consultant Training
LTE (Long Term Evolution) SAE (System Architecture Evolution) Technical Sales/Consultant Training
Wireless Technology From 1G to 3G
Cloud Services Essentials
Security Awareness Part 1 & Part 2
Security Awareness for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) – e-Learning Course
Security Awareness for HIPAA-Health Information Privacy (HIPAA-HIP) – e-Learning Course

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