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Data Networking Blended Learning


One of our customer’s recently expressed a need to reduce their overall travel costs for training while continuing to provide the essential data networking knowledge and skill required by their Sales and Networking Consultants. Our preferred delivery method for our Data Network Design and Next Generation Networks courses is in a 5-day and 3-day Instructor-Led format. However, we worked with this customer and came up with a solution to their problem.


Data Networking Blended Learning – Spohn Training’s new Data Networking – Blended Learning Curriculum supports their need for reduced travel costs while continuing to support their essential data networking knowledge and skill. This new curriculum is divided into three tracks for the busy professional.

Track 1 – Fundamentals

The first track (presented via two hour Instructor-Led Web based sessions) teaches,  fundamentals and interrelationships of data and voice communications principles.

Track 2Technology

The second track (presented via two hour Instructor-Led Web based sessions) teaches protocols, technologies, architectures and services in current and emerging network infrastructures.

Track 3 – Wireline or Wireless

The third track (presented via Instructor-Led live sessions) splits into two environments. Wireline and Wireless. Each one provides in-depth discussions and exercises within each technology and service and their application in network environments.

Here is a sample comment from one of the students who completed these courses:

Just a quick note to thank you for the organisation of the Data Networking training course! From what I understand it was quite a challenge to make it happen. Definitely valuable as a refresher for people with a telecommunications and networking background, and also very useful for the others who do not have this background. Personally I think this course should be mandatory for all people in our line of work!

Global Telecommunications Service Provider

Cloud & Application Services Sales Training


This Global Telecommunications Service Provider needed someone with breadth and depth of product and technical knowledge, real world successful deal qualification and sales experience with these services along with business accumen required when selling to these new Line Of Business C-levels, and working knowledge of the competitive environment.


Hosting & Application Services Sales Training – Spohn Training developed and delivered Basic and Advanced Hosting & Application Services courses to satisfy their need. In five months, Spohn trainers traveled to 28 cities and taught 60 classes to over 500  Sales Executives and Managers of various levels including Federal Government, Wholesale, National Business Markets, Government, Education & Medical, Premiere Client Group and Signature Client Group.

Here are just a few comments from students who completed these courses:

This was, by far, the best training class I’ve attended this year. I walked away with a functional understanding of the material presented. The instructor was knowledgeable and presented very complex material in an easy to understand format.


One of the best training courses on product I have had. I Have several ideas to find new opportunities.

The instructor did a super job of explaining the services we covered and how they fit in our space. He helped increase my level of understanding immensely.


The instructor did a super job of explaining the services we covered and how they fit in our space. He helped increase my level of understanding immensely.


Domestic Telecommunications Service Provider

Business Acumen for Sales Professionals


This customer is planning for their future and expects that their customer business issues will be more relevant and practical to their sales performance than ever before. They need their sales professionals to understand customer business issues better in order to be more effective sales people. They also see Business Acumen skills as increasingly becoming a core element in the skill development portfolio of their Sales Professionals.


Business Acumen for Sales Professionals – Spohn Training worked with this customer to develop a Business Acumen for Sales Professionals course that can be delivered to their entire staff of executive sales professionals.

This course examines the key financial and business principles and components which effect business performance.

It helps Sales Professionals understand financial statements, key liquidity and efficiency ratios and the positive impact their products and services have on those ratios.

This course also gives Sales Professionals C-Level conversation practice which differentiates them with financial and business acumen.


Global Retail Services Chain

Security Awareness for PCI-DSS e-Learning


This customer needed to become compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard in order to maintain their ability to receive payment by credit card. Their 10,000 retail service clerks and managers needed a quick and easy way to get up to speed on current security awareness standards and requirements for PCI-DSS and the retail industry. They also needed a flash-based version and a Windows-based version of the course since some locations would not be able to access flash content.


Security Awareness for Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standard e-Learning – Spohn Training worked with this customer and developed a 45 minute e-Learning course that could be centrally administered and provide verification that their 10,000 clerks and managers successfully completed the training. sars-sm

Security awareness training is a critical part of standard operating policy and procedures for businesses who accept credit cards. In fact, compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) set of standards is mandatory and is enforced by the major payment card brands who established the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.

This e-learning course helped this customer comply with the PCI DSS category requiring them to maintain a policy that addresses information security by providing security awareness training.

This e-learning course takes students through their responsibilities for information security in the retail services industry and in the process gives them detailed background information that will help protect them and their customers from unauthorized access.

Domestic Telecommunications Service Provider 2

Call Center Sales Training


This Service Provider needed to reduce their new hire training curriculum from twelve weeks to four weeks without impacting their revenue goals.


Call Center Sales Training – Spohn Training developed and deployed a training program which enabled their employees to meet and exceed their technical and sales skills and revenue goals. We did this by blending real world market knowledge, business drivers, competitive environment, product benefits and sales skills into a unified training program designed to meet measurable results that impacted their specific business objectives.

This customer measured their results before, during and after our training and was kind enough to share their improvements with us. Here are their results:








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