Organizational Requirements

About the Anatomy of a Cybersecurity Program Series In this blog series, I will be walking you through many of the specific controls that fall into the domains mentioned above. My goal is to give you some insight into the issues, and potential remedies we encounter daily while performing these assessments. Please utilize the suggestions … Continued

A Head in the Sand Approach Leaves Many Networks Vulnerable

Many responsible for networks security take a “Head in the Sand” approach to ‘Cybersecurity Risk Assessments’! Following a previous information security breach, I was speaking with an industry colleague who shared with me that he had been in discussions with the victim organization regarding a technology that would allow them to identify and address vulnerabilities … Continued

ePHI – Most Valuable Data Records Sold on the Dark Web

“HIPAA Security Officers – Your networks really ARE the PRIMARY target of the ‘Bad Guys’, ‘Bad Actors’, ‘Hackers’, etc. Whatever you want to call them, make no mistake – you are charged with safeguarding what they want. Do your security countermeasures rise to the level of the threat or are you simply content with being … Continued