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 Penetration Testing and Cyber Security Services – Technology or Security Training – Telecommunications

Spohn Consulting Services is an Austin, Texas based professional services company founded in 1998 serving large and medium business needs throughout the US in the areas of Cyber Security or Network Security, Technology or Security Training and Telecommunications. We serve our clients through the following three distinct lines of business:

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Data Security

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Spohn Training provides customized, personalized and specialized sales and technical training solutions. Training services include analysis, design, development, delivery, evaluation and administration. Our Spohn Applied-Selling™ helps you build relationships, demonstrate value, differentiate solutions, offset competition and increase sales. Validate your FIPA, HIPAA, or Security Training with a Social Engineering Test. Validate the effectiveness of your training today.
The Spohn Data Security Group – Security Audits powered by people  providing in-depth Security Assessments, Regulatory and Standards Compliance, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning solutions or creative Social Engineering Engagement. Whether you want a HIPAA Rule assessment, need your Enterprise Security assessed, a HITECH requirement for “Meaningful Use” or security scan requirements IAW Texas Medical Privacy Law, California Medical Privacy Laws assistance or just need to know your online e-commerce store is safe through a PEN test; We will create a custom solution just for your organization and your unique security requirements.Spohn’s Telecom Consulting Group provides detailed telecommunications solutions that satisfy the complex voice, data and video needs of today’s business environment. Our telecom solutions include analysis, planning, design, implementation, review, compliance, MPLS VPN, IPSec VPN and life cycle management support. Call our experts before your next TELCO migration or telecom upgrade project. We provide the expertise and the analysis you need to maintain a competitive edge while increasing productivity and reducing operational costs.


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