Organizations that store, process, or send personal health information (PHI) must be HIPAA compliant. This is to ensure the safety of all protected personal data.

Ensure that your organization meets HIPAA compliance and HITECH security requirements by hiring us to perform our HIPAA Audit services.

HIPAA Regulatory Security Assessments or HIPAA Audit

A HIPAA Regulatory Security Assessment provides deep analysis and documentation of your security measures. We deliver detailed information you need to design, plan, and implement steps toward remediation. Our services include the following:

  • On-site Assessment — Inspects the state of your administrative, physical, and technical security policies, plans, procedures, systems, and networks.
  • Risk Assessment — Identifies assets, potential threats, and operational risks
  • Internal & External Vulnerability Assessment — Identifies technical weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
  • Gap Analysis — Identifies areas that conform and those that do not to the Security Rule provisions and is used for planning of any remediation efforts and proof of due-diligence.
  • Remedy Recommendation —Documents reasonable and appropriate recommendations to support your rationale in designing and implementing any Required and Addressable safeguards.

Our expert security consultants deploy with all the tools necessary to assess your organization’s security controls within a process specifically designed for HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules compliance. The result is an in-depth documented assessment and recommendation/remediation package. Findings are then reviewed in detail with your staff.

Please view our HIPAA BAA Compliance page for more information.

What is HIPAA Compliance?

HIPAA compliance refers to conforming to the provisions of the HIPAA Security Rule. This means complying with ambiguous language and terms like “addressable” which sounds optional but is mandatory.

Compliance is tricky and very complex – that is why we employ a team of experienced auditors and security consultants to produce a HIPAA Compliance Assessment report and detailed Opinion report. These reports map out your adherence to the HIPAA Security rule, show to what level you comply, and suggest how to achieve complete compliance (remediation). We also find the likelihood of compromise your organization faces should you choose to accept the risk of lower compliance.

You do not automatically comply with Texas HB 300 (Texas Medical Privacy Law) or California Medical Privacy Laws. Further, simple compliance comes nowhere near meeting Florida’s FIPA Privacy Law guidelines. HIPAA compliance becomes more complex and more costly if you fail to meet compliance requirements.

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Complications of HIPAA Compliance

77 audit protocol provisions cover entities that are considered for implementation. These are in addition to the 88 required audit provisions of the Privacy Rule.

Each of these provisions is frequently referenced as a separate rule. But,  there is only a single HIPAA Rule for each privacy and security. Documentation must show reasonable consideration for provision or protocol  and implementation.  Also, if implementation was through an alternate solution, and why.



HIPAA Compliance is Complex.

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